Olio Extravergine Di Oliva
“IGP Toscano – Colline Di Firenze”


Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil – ORGANIC
Olive grove extension: 200 hectares
Olive grove age: 10 / 50 years
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Cipressino, Pendolino
Pressing: cold crushing
Training method: in pots
Olive harvest: mechanically and by hand
Harvest period: from October 15th to December 15th
Average production: 15/30 Kg. per plant
Conservation: in 500 Kg. terracotta jars at 18-20°C
Yield: 12 – 15%
Acidity: 0,05 – 0,2%
Sensory Profile: bright green, with an intense and fruity fragrance, and a round, clean taste that’s mildly peppery

Notes: The Rùfina territory is ideal for growing olives. The splendid olive groves of Fattoria di Grignano yield an extra virgin oil famed for its very low acidity and a distinctive sensory characteristic.
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP offers maximum certainty in terms of authenticity. The Consortium ensures each bottle with his signature, verifying the entire chain of production, strictly made in Tuscany, from the plant to the packaging.
Furthermore the oil is also subjected to chemical and sensory tests (tasting by commissions recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture) to check its compliance with the disciplinary measures. The result is an oil 100% from Tuscany, one of the most known typical Tuscan food which are loved all over the world.

Olive oil produced from Organic farming.