Olio Extravergine Di Oliva “Laudemio”


Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil – ORGANIC
Olive grove extension: 200 hectares
Olive grove age: 10 / 50 years
Varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino
Pressing: cold crushing
Training method: in pots
Olive harvest: mechanically and by hand
Harvest period: from October 15th to Novembee 30th
Average production: 15/30 Kg. per plant
Conservation: in 500 Kg. terracotta jars at 18-20°C
Yield: 12 – 15%
Acidity: 0,05 – 0,2%
Sensory Profile: bright green, with an intense and fruity fragrance, and a round, clean taste that’s mildly peppery

Notes: ‘Laudemio’ is a term used in the Middle Age in reference to ‘the part of the harvest that was due to the feudal lord’. So, in a broader sense, the word indicates the select or choise part of total production.
The outstanding personality of ‘Laudemio’ is connected to the following producing characters distinguishing it:
– olive groves positioning in peculiar areas
– olive groves selection on the basis of typycal Tuscan varieties
– olive crop, harvest and olive pressing are completely respectful of the production rules
– producing control to select the olive oil and gain the necessary parameters

The harvest period happens within November 30th of the same
producing year.
Olive oil produced from Organic farming.